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Diplomatic China trip: good for laughs

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November 23rd, 2009 Posted 4:41 pm

Bizarreville leaders just got back from what they termed a “quasi-successful” diplomatic trip to China.  The trip purpose was primarily economic – to discuss the crippling trade deficit that’s reaching epic proportions, and also to try to sell them an assortment of large bridges and a lot-ful of used Chrysler LeBaron convertibles.

The Bizarreville contingent had started by suggesting the Chinese open their markets to Bizarreville goods.  But the Chinese responded “Your garbage is the best quality product you make, and we’re already buying much of that (ha, ha).  But seriously, we’re thinking about importing some of your Chinese eggrolls….yours are much tastier and crisper…must use better grease.  Might even go ahead and have you ship us the grease, too.  Yeah, take a note…one supertanker load of grease, ship it to the port of Shanghai.”

bizarre77Bizarrevillians hinted that the Chi-coms might be dumping athletic footwear products in their markets, but made no outright accusation.  One Bizarreville economist chided that “You can’t sell Air Smellbom shoes in Bizarreville at cheaper prices than you sell them in your home market.”  But the Chinese responded, “Pfffft…hey, our comrade citizens don’t even buy that expensive crap, if they even buy shoes at all.”  Bizarreville leaders explained that China just needed to stop exporting so darn much stuff to them.  But Chinese suggested, “Why don’t you go back to that ‘Made in Bizarreville’ shtick you tried a few years back?  Wasn’t that WalMart that was pitching that drool?  Our guys laughed like hell during that fiasco…man, that was precious!”

Bizarreville leaders concluded that, while not much progress was made on the economic front, at least they made the Chinese leaders laugh.  “After all, laughter is a key element in building a strong diplomatic foundation for a long-term sustainable partnership.”  That statement made the Chinese laugh even more, “Ha, ha, ha…you guys really crack me up…..ha, ha, ha, ha…stop it man, I’m dying here…ho, ho, ho…Ooooh, I’m busting a gut…ha, ha, ha, ha.”