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Mother of all dirt bags

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December 10th, 2009 Posted 2:03 pm

Bizarreville leaders made another impassioned plea to the Pakistan leadership group to ask for their help in fighting Taliban in their border areas with Afghanistan.  In particular, they would like to find one of the new up and coming Taliban leaders Oscummo bin Shizbak, who has been sending Facebook messages and instructions to Islamo-terrorists worldwide.  Fortunately, not too many people have signed onto his Facebook because he is so darn butt ugly.  Rumor is he’s now trying to set up his Facebook page without a face.bizarre140

Pakistan leaders have refused to provide help in the past.  “We don’t want to go in those freaking, nasty, allah-forsaken ghettos…nor any of those rabies-infested moldy caves,” said a Paki spokesman.  “You kidding?  If Oscummo or any of his revolting buddies shows up in Islamabad, we’ll cuff ’em and stuff ’em.”  Syndicated reruns of Hawaii Five-O just made it to Pakistan. 

But they’re not expecting Oscummo or his chums to show.  Talibanners rarely venture into big cities.  “They’re the Mother of all Dirt Bags.  They never buy new clothes, or for that matter, even clean the clothes they wear.”  They don’t bother with what they call capitalist luxuries like taking baths or other acts of personal hygiene.  They can fart, and no one can even tell.  “Soap, what’s that?  More infidel foolishness and waste,” Oscummo once said addressing a crowd at an Afghanistan soccer game that he was referreeing. 

Pakistan authorities reiterated that these creeps avoid cities like the bubonic plague (which ironically has recently outbroken in some of their filthy camps).  “If you see a Taliban in a city, he’s probably there to suicide bomb something.”

Afghan troop announcement has befuddled Taliban

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December 3rd, 2009 Posted 1:40 pm

Bizarreville leaders, after so many years of looking like idiots by leaking out key military information to the enemy, have this time molded a new, intriguing approach to blabbermouthia.  Rather than giving Afghan Talibans a heads-up on upcoming plans, they decided to take the opposite tack and just blab about when they plan to punt…in about 16 to 18 months. bizarre111

Spy reports say Taliban leaders in cave headquarters were totally befuddled by this announcement.  They said they normally figure Bizarreville leaders are a bunch of scheming perpetual liars…so they don’t know how exactly to reinterpret this potential lie.

Meanwhile, back in Bizarreville, the Leader’s supporters were upset at his policy redirection vs. campaign promises, and called him a liar.  But simultaneously, his opponents in the world of punditry pointed out his failure to fully support the troops, his ambiguous mumbo-jumbo, and called him a liar.  Even people sleeping on the couch who were tired of watching him on prime time TV, couldn’t think of anything else to call him, so called him a liar.

So the Taliban, seeing all these mixed messages, was not sure who to disbelieve.  After seeing supporters call him a liar, they figured that he might indeed be lying…or it might be a trick.  But then after seeing opponents and couch potatoes calling him a liar, they figured he was probably telling the truth.  Or it could all be a double-lie, or triple-lie…must be a lie of some sort, but a lie about what?

An smiling anonymous administration insider said: “A lie is as good as the truth, if you can get someone to believe it.”  He then hopped in his limo, joining an anonymous female in the back seat.

The Afghanistan Waffler has strong support from Homebodies

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November 1st, 2009 Posted 4:43 pm

Introducing a new product from your friends at Bumco Inc.:  The Afghanistan Waffler.  Heartily endorsed by the Bizarreville Homebodies, Cooks, and Appliance Users Association, this waffle maker is all-new, imported from Afghanistan, with features not offered by any competitor in the past.

The beauty of this machine is that you just don’t know what you’re going to get.  You throw some or all the ingredients into the unit, spin the temperature dial a couple times, and just let it go.  Might get a pancake, might get a danish, might get some kind of weird muffin-thing…might get a lump of burnt charcoal.  Some customers claim they got something resembling the consistency of a Christmas fruit cake…oooh, yummy.

And that’s what makes it fun for the whole family…the anticipation and surprise of it all.  The unpredictability.  The unit has a setting on it for “Plain Waffle”, but guess what?  It lies.  It never intended to give you a plain waffle.  Ha, ha, ha, ha…what a riot!  Surprisingly, many customers continue to select the Plain Waffle option, even though they know full well that it does not work.  Durrrrr…it takes all kinds.

So pick up an Afghan Waffler at your favorite discount store or buy direct from the factory at  Hurry before it’s no longer available.


Terrorists find enjoyment terrorizing roaches, instead of just humans

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October 18th, 2009 Posted 12:26 pm

The Geezer Club of Bizarreville was having its morning meeting and constitutional around the cracker barrel at the General Store, when the debate turned to troops in Afghanistan.


“I don’t think we should send any more of our fine young lads there.  Those Talibans are pure whack jobs, almost as crazy as that Floop family who live down at the Mung Pond.  Remember them? Remember when young Johnnie Floop…I think he was about 13 back then…allegedly dropped a deuce right in the City Hall fountain?  That’s when they found out that the fountain was tied into the entire water system…had to shut it all down and disinfect it.  Then some guy with a bag over his head, rumored to be his brother Dirk, streaked at that championship basketball game, tripped and fell on his you-know-what, and they had to bring out the Disinfectant team once again.  Had to postpone the whole game.  Those Floop kids just terrorized the town.” 

“Yeah, I remember those days…pretty gross bunch, them Floops. Lucky we had that Disinfectant squad.”

“Remember?  Bizarreville citizens got really flustered , and demanded action against those unadulterated dirt bags.  But that Floop family was pretty clever at dodging and weaving, denying any wrong-doing, slithering away when things got hot, covering tracks.  The authorities were puzzled until one clever citizen suggested a way to divert their jerk-ball energy into a nonsensical activity…the game of Roach Search & Destroy.  It was a perfect game for the knucklehead set…crawling around in the dirt to root out the little critters, then beating/scrunching them to a pulp.  Their household was a perfect setting for the game with crud and filth in literally every corner, attracting the game pieces by the thousands.  They created an internal competition among family members…not just for highest roach count, but also bonus points for extraordinary acts of squishmanship.  Mounted roach taxidermy on just about every wall.

“It worked.  They spent all their energy on that stupid roach game, and quit terrorizing the citizens.  Eventually had to dismantle the old Disinfectant SWAT squad due to lack of work.  So…anyway… that’s how we ought to deal with the Taliban… surreptitiously get ’em a game going that would divert their attention.  Maybe they could substitute goats or yaks or something for the roaches.”

“Pretty stupid story.  I need to hit the can.”