Whimsy, satire, irreverent humor, and hijinx from a place not so far away

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New book satirizes current political events in Dr. Seuss-like whimsical style

Tales of Obamaland by author Robert Thomas is a collection of 21 satirical fables framed in a whimsical world not so far away.


SAVANNAH, GA.  December 14, 2009.  Tales of Obamaland by Robert Thomas is a  collection of 21 satirical short stories that gently poke fun at current political events.  Thomas takes readers on a mystical journey to a whimsical land.  Travelers stop along the way and visit with an array of bizarre creatures and misfits.  A politically savvy buffalo doles out sage advice to a babe-in-the-woods freshman congressman…or is it a trap?  Right wing caterpillars ponder a decision on whether to help anorexic goats survive.  A former circus ringmaster takes the CEO job at a failing car company, then launches turnaround ideas.  The most significant medical breakthrough of the century is ready for market, but held up by warning label paranoia.  Congress people attend a class to relearn a forgotten skill:  how to subtract. 

With a writing style that is a cross between Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss, Thomas departs from the hard-nose, hardback diatribe approach to most political satire using the charm of children’s classic stories to deliver his subtle messages.   He sprinkles the stories with just a smidge of irreverence and naughtiness to keep it off the children’s bookshelf.

Tales of Obamaland is available at, Barnes and,, and through Ingram and Baker &Taylor worldwide distribution.


About the author:  Robert Thomas is a graduate of Purdue University and the University of Michigan, and lives in Savannah, Georgia.  He is an engineer and manager in U.S. manufacturing, has been an amateur humorist/satirist for many years, but this is his first published work.  Thomas authors a website and blog at which features more satirical whimsy and hijinx.


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Robert Thomas
Phone:  912-598-1589

TALES of OBAMALAND:  Facts Sheet


Book Title:  Tales of Obamaland
Subtitle:  A collection of fables, myths, and legends from a world
                   not so far away
Author:  Robert Thomas
Published by:  iUniverse
Format:  Soft cover, 136 pages
Genre:  Satire, political humor.  Short stories
Publication date:  October 9, 2009
ISBN:  9781440174667
Price:  $14.95