Whimsy, satire, irreverent humor, and hijinx from a place not so far away


Bizarreville is a far-off place where wrong may be right, and right may be wrong and you may never know the difference. It is a land where your heartburns and crazy anxieties can really come true…and often do.  But it’s a fun ride…so check your common sense at the gate, partake of your favorite adult beverage over at our pathetically-stocked bar of cheap booze and distasteful mixers, and graze on some fresh nonsense.pix1

The Bizarreville site is normally kept running by Robert Thomas, who is the city sweeper, and scooper of various waste fallouts.  Visitors are welcome, but if you wish to stay in the community, you will need to declare your job in Bizarreville (naturally most good jobs are already taken).   If you wish to take on a position in Bizarreville, just indicate your desired position in a Comment, and the Board of Knuckleheads will take it under advisement  (FYI:  the Shoveler job, who walks behind the Bizarreville carriage rides, just opened up).   Have a pleasant stay.