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New Tax Bill stirs criticism among the wealthy

Trump taxThe new Trump tax bill has been signed, sealed, and delivered, and has raised a ruckus, as expected.  What was not expected was that it raised ire with the Association of People Making Too Much Money (APMTMM), which includes many high brow Hollywood actors and a smattering of liberal-minded business CEO’s, apparently unhappy with the cuts in the highest tax brackets.  The Association has gone on record saying that it would have preferred much larger tax cuts in the lowest tax brackets.

This initially came as a surprise to most Hollywood tabloid reporters.  However, they quickly rationalized it as typical liberal guilt-complex attitudes for raking in millions as they watched movie ticket prices skyrocket in recent years to pay for their extravagant compensation demands.

One tabloid financial reporter, who incidentally was packing an impressive 8th grade math level education in his tool belt, noted that the reason these prima donnas support lower low-end rates is purely self-interest.  Their high-paid accountants have found considerable loopholes and squirrelly deduction schemes which have decreased their “adjusted income” and somehow managed to put them in the low-income tax brackets.

Someone argued that the Trump plan will close many of these loopholes, but the astute reporter replied that there will always be little tricks, gimmicks, and dodges buried in the law that few know about, no matter what law goes into effect.  The politicians will insist on it.  After all, they are professional dodgers, too.


Disclaimer:  the stuff in Bizarreville is largely fiction until proven otherwise.

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